About Us

This site has been started out of passion towards gaming. Two game lovers who spent their whole life for gaming, had tremendous passion towards it, finally decided to more for their passion, gaming. So, they decided to give game lovers a website which is a gaming blog. Their aim is to help players.

This website will contain blogs which are dedicated completely for gaming related information. The blogs will be about new game releases. There will also be blogs with complete information on game equipment reviews as well.

They are also planning to provide cheats for games, mods of varieties of games, and share tips about games through their blog. So, for beginners this should be great site with blogs which give them complete information about the game they love. They can visit here frequently to get to know about new releases and their features as well.

Today gaming industry is not just restricted to entertainment. Game lovers also started earning from their favorite games. This is a billion dollar industry and that is why it carries unlimited fans. Games are part of our lives from many decades but in recent few years they seen revolution. There is no age limit for playing games today. We can see millions of people spending hours of their time for playing their favorite game.

Even though there many categories of games and there are popular games from all the categories, among all racing games are the ones which have earned largest fan group. Almost all the game lovers like them.

So, this website is dedicated to game lovers. They can visit here and access the information as and when they need. Since this is created by two game lovers, they can understand better and give perfect information which a game lover looks for.