New PC Hardware Review – The Nvidia RTX 2080

Nvidia RTX 2080 reviewIf there is one piece of hardware everyone has been expecting for some time now, it’s the Nvidia RTX 2080, and it’s finally here. The graphics card is finally opening a door for many people out there to experience new graphics in a way that only high-end gamers were able to.  The GPU is a 20-series mainstream component that lacks a budget-conscious price tag, but it packs quite a punch since it retains the special silicon that allows entry into ray-traced grounds with no problems. It’s also an open GTU that has the ability to work with older components.

It can process six Giga Rays per second of RT Core. Most of the performance resides in the Turing GPU while scraping minimum rated specs for real-time ray Continue reading “New PC Hardware Review – The Nvidia RTX 2080”